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We just returned from a shortened Small Town Tour through the interior of South Africa, aimed at gathering testimonies and ministry opportunities in the smaller towns of South Africa. Currently we are prosessing the recorded testimonies and sharing it with you as we go on.
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2019 was a busy year that ended with Charles, Thato and the film crew busy finishing up the production of the first 10 episodes of the Testimony Treasures TV Show (to be aired on TBN Africa). 2020 was entered into with lots of excitement on our side, the prospect of the screening of these testimonies becoming a reality. 9 Episodes have been recorded and are being finalised.

For those who don’t know yet, Testimony Treasures is finalising the production of a TV Show featuring a Testimony and Biblical insight per episode. A partnership was formed with Messiah Films and TBN Africa. Already we have been blessed with so many special times and happenings within our Ministry during the build up and production process. The production process commenced during the second half of March 2019 and was an ongoing process for the rest of 2019. On 27 August 2019 the Screening of Episode 1 of the show was hosted and attended by many of our supporters. Since then 7 episodes have been recorded and the last will follow soon, as mentioned above. We are looking forward to the prospect of TBN Africa broadcasting this TV series in 52 African countries.

We will share with you as we continue to figure out this journey with God.

Please keep the ministry and these endeavours in your prayers.

The focus for the next few weeks will still be on this exciting project as well as on gathering testimonies from God’s people as we encounter His work in our lives.

Be blessed.

Please keep us and this Ministry in your prayers.

If you have a testimony to share, please use the Share Page or Contact Page to send us an email, we will post your Good News stories to the glory of God.








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