Although we know that Christ is in control of this process we envisage Testimony Treasures (TT) to rollout as follows:


Process 1:

  • Use the internet to encourage people to submit their testimonies
  • Engage with said individuals to set up Testimony Treasures networks through which the Good News can be shared
  • Categorize testimonies e.g. healing, revelation etc. and publish E-books

Process 2:

  • We will visit churches (either through invitation or appointment) to introduce Testimony Treasures
  • Depending on the arrangement with the particular church we could:
    • Lead the service (it may even include a live gospel band)
    • Share our testimonies
  • Invite people to share their testimonies
  • Publish a church-specific Testimony Treasures book for that congregation

Process 3:

  • We will visit a particular city / town to introduce Testimony Treasures Ministry via relevant structures e.g. churches, schools, sport clubs etc.
  • Address various groups e.g. Bible study groups, fellowship groups etc.
  • Gather testimonies from the¬†people of the town
  • Publish a town-specific Testimony Treasures book







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