Welcome to Testimony Treasures

The purpose of this ministry is to record the work of Christ in ordinary people’s lives and to share it with the world to the glory of God.

“I assure you that whoever declares publicly that he belongs to me, the Son of Man will do the same for him before the angels of God. But whoever rejects me publicly, the Son of Man will also reject him before the angels of God.”      Luke 12: 8-9

The Challenge
In modern society we seem to find it easy to work together, to play together, and to celebrate together but for some reason most of us find it difficult to worship together, to pray together and to share our testimonies with those around us. God expects us to share with one another the role which He plays in our lives irrespective of how big or small our encounters with Him are. There are many prominent Bible verses that refer to our responsibility to spread the good news of Christ. There is thus no argument against this “instruction” and the potential consequences of not being obedient should prompt us to immediately go out and tell the world of the wonder of Christ in our lives.












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