A Lifetime in His Service… (Continued)

Continuing with the life time of occasions when God used Kobie and Regina Klerck, we would like to share a few more miracle incidents they shared with us.

Once they were travelling through the Kaokoveld area and came to a little town, called Fransfontein to put in fuel, a scarcity in that area. In those parts of the world all the shops are still closed for the lunch hour. They parked under some shady trees, waiting for the lunch hour to pass and the shops to open. Realising that they haven’t heard any clear messages from God over the last few days, they settle down to read the Bible and pray, seeking God’s guidance in finding places to deliver Bibles to. Leaving the shady patch at 2 o’clock, they had to make a wide turn and got back to the main road right where there was a hand written sign: “Camping”, prompting them to explore the possibility. Arriving at a clay hut, they came across a woman, sitting in the sun, in the heat of the day, reading her Bible. They decided to camp and started talking to the woman. She said that she was looking for answer as she felt God wanted to talk to her. At night, as she was sleeping, she would become aware of a presence in her room and it felt as if someone was trying to straggle her and she thought it was God trying to get her attention. Regina assured her that this was not God’s way but the work of other spirits. Turned out that in her culture they believed that if an elder passed away, they must ask his spirit to enter someone else. Kobie and Regina sat down with her and started explaining God’s way to her, teaching her the Truth. By sunset she wanted to know how to deal with the spirit that visit her at night. Kobie made a makeshift cross out of scrap wood and wire, telling her to put it in her room and when she felt the presence, to pray the protective blood of Jesus over herself. The next morning she was back, wanting to know more. Kobie made a big cross to put at her gate and explained how she can pray over all 4 sides of her property, for God’s protection.

Once coming home from driving through the Northern Cape, down the Westcoast towards the Western Cape, spreading the Good News as they went along, Kobie and Regina first, before getting out of the vehicle, sat and gave thanks for safe travels and also asked God “where to next?” Cleaning the vehicle the next day, Kobie got a phone call from the Minister of Agriculture in Botswana. He needed 400 Setswana Bibles! They have provided Bibles on a previous occasion which are used by the members of Parliament in Botswana. The very next day they were introduced to a man who said that he wanted to take Bibles to Botswana. They were so excited because they needed 400. He then said that he actually has 1 200 000 Pulas to buy 32 000 Bibles! That was the portion of a completed job that he wanted to give back to God! This delivery was celebrated with public holidays, marches & speeches by dignitaries in Botswana. All grade 11 and 12 learners throughout the whole country received a Bible each!

Again back in Rhundu, a guy called Regie wanted to introduce Kobie to some blind people just outside of town. These were victims of the past wars that used to rage in those areas. Kobie promised to provide brail Bibles, which are very bulky and expensive. One Bible in brail fills 5 big boxes. These Bibles are only produced in the USA and an order usually takes at least 6 months to be delivered. Dirkie van der Spuy assisted in making arrangements for delivery within 2 months, at a discounted prise too. Kobie and Regina took the Bibles and upon delivery the people sat down under trees and, for the first time in their lives, started reading these Bibles, their hands being guided over the characters on the pages. Soon Kobie realised that they needed more. Audio Bibles were produced in Rukwangali (a language used by these people). Each got their own copy of the Bible, in their own language! Other improvements were also made to their surroundings and living quarters, a proper kitchen added on and so forth.

Leaving a remote camping area with their rubbish, Kobie and Regina got to a small village and Kobie wanted to dispose of the rubbish. As he walked up to a bin, there were two school girls sitting close by. He knew they still had some Bibles left over from handing out Bibles before their camping. Regina kept some Bibles for a friend in Motopi, who gives it to guards that often rotate and in that way, when leaving, spread the word by taking their Bibles along to the next posting. Regina initially thought that all these Bibles were handed to the friend and that none were left as they set off on their holiday, they actually used the space in the camper to pack their cool drinks. Packing up after their holiday, when opening these bunks, she discovered 32 Bibles! Kobie told the two girls sitting next to the bin that he wanted to give them Bibles. Close by was a big gathering of school kids waiting for their transport. As they heard “Bibles” everyone ran closer to get Bibles. A teacher came up to the vehicle and said that she was very upset for being left behind to look after these children on their school trip. Now she realised why she had to stay behind, to receive Bibles and a “Jesus” film that Regina’s daughter also gave her! Everyone was so grateful and this day was ended with a prayer and many blessed youngsters, each leaving on their school trip with their own Bible.

On another occasion Kobie was invited by Anton to Suurplaats to have a service for the local farm workers. Kobie decided to take a few Bibles in a variety of languages along on the day. Under a tree on a farm a service was held. Afterwards Kobie and Anton handed out the Bibles. One particular girl caught Kobie’s eye, very shy and hiding at the back. He knew that the 5 Setswana Bibles have been handed out and felt sad that she didn’t get one as he could see that she was very needy too. She came up to him holding her hand out and, as Anton reached, there was another Setswana Bible on the table to give to her! A miracle!

Closer to home, Kobie and Regina was once on their way to Foriesburg and stopped over in Senekal to stretch their legs, a small town with only a main road. Browsing through an antique store, Kobie came across a few lovely Children’s Bibles for very little money and immediately bought it. Reaching Fouriesburg they stopped to eat. In front of the restaurant was a young boy, sitting on the porch, playing in the dirt. It was a cold, rainy day but he was dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirt only. When inside, Kobie enquired about him and the waiter said he was her brother. They called him in and after talking a while they realised that their mother also worked at the restaurant and he was just waiting for them to finish work. Kobie gave the mother money for clothes for the boy and then gave him the Children’s Bible as a gift. They all exchanged numbers and went about their business. A while after this occurrence a Pienaar lady phoned Regina and asked if they gave the boy the Bible. She was the owner of the restaurant and this little boy often stayed with her at home and played with her children when his mother had to work. She just wanted to share how proud he was to own his own Bible where he could see how Jesus looked. This was the beginning of a long standing support relationship, helping this child along. He now is all grown up and close to finishing his school career, very successful and doing well in sports.

Kobie and Regina can keep going for days, telling of protection, perfect timing, provision and miracles. More will follow.

God Bless.

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