Being Obedient

When our youngest son, Charles, was in primary school he fell while playing at school and hurt his elbow. After being operated on he developed a problem to keep any food down. After weeks of struggling, doctors discovered that the esophageal valve (slukderm klep) was damaged, and he needed an operation to repair this problem.  On the night before the operation was due to happen, we were sitting by his bedside in the hospital ward. Two strangers came by, passing from one bed to the next, asking if they could pray with us. We agreed and when done, the man said that Charles was healed and did not need the operation, we should take him home. When they left, we prayed again and then felt that we should be obedient. We signed him out and took him home that same night. He is 21 years old now and has never had any similar problems.

Praise be to God for his healing.

Gerald Kendall

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