From Cattle Herder to Mayor and so much more…

My mother was my spiritual inspiration all my life long, being part of the prayer team in the Lutheran church. When I was a child we used to sing and pray together regularly.  Later years my wife, Lydia, encouraged me to become a member of the Methodist church.  Al our lives she has been supporting me, walking alongside me on our journey with God.  I would like to share a few details of my spiritual life journey with you…
During 1955 I started as a  cattle herder on Elandskraal, a small town close to Rustenburg. At that time I was still at school, taking turns with my brother to weekly alternate school with looking after cattle. In 1957 I came to Rustenburg to look for work, not knowning anybody in town.  I had a blanket, one extra pair of pants, a shirt and nothing else. I slept at the station every night, getting up early to wash under the tap at the station before going into town to look for a  job. Sometimes I had nothing to eat and my only meal for the day was a paw paw that I picked off a tree after cleaning the yard for someone. Until today a paw paw fruit holds a special place in my heart because it feels asif it saved my life during those early years. Within a week I got a job as gardener  with a Lutheran minister, Ds Rade. I worked in his garden for 4 years. The neighbour, Mr Lampen, was the owner of Express Garage. Ds Rade spoke to him to see if I can get a job at one of the service stations that he owned.  Soon after I started working as a petrol attendant and kept at it for 8 years.
In 1969 I became a preacher and an evangelist in the Methodist Church and until today, after 45 years of service, I serve God in the church, faithfully and with joy.
During that time I managed to get my driver’s license and in 1972 applied for a job as driver at an oil company.  Caltex signed me on as a driver and I stayed for 6 years, after which I was promoted to driver’s instructor. In 1981 I applied to become a distributor for Caltex.
After 3 years I started a general dealer of my own in Thlabane outside Rustenburg. During 1991 I was elected as mayor of Thlabane and served a 3 year term.
In 1992 my general dealer was awarded a prestigious award and I spent 21 days on a tour of Europe.  The business received three of these awards and in 1995 my wife, Lydia, went on a trip to Australasia as the award prize.
In 1994 the business was completely destroyed during the unrest associated with the change in government which took place at the time.  To recover from this was a struggle and the business never really took off again.
In 1994 I joined the Rustenburg Methodist church.  During this difficult time I often went for prayers at church.  Hilary and Susan, two members of the church prayer team, often prayed for me,  my family and the business.  I surrendered everything to Him, and by the Grace of God I never lost faith and He walked with me all the way.
I lost my son in 1995 but God carried us, keeping us strong through this time of trial.  Afterwards I decided to also join the healing/prayer team of the church.
Until 2008 we had the general dealer business at which point it was combined with a liquor store which, because of my faith, I felt uncomfortable with. I was also victim to three robberies at gun point, at the business, which made me decide that my life was worth more than the money that we were making.   During 2007 my family and I started a construction business which is still currently running.
To me my whole life is an ongoing journey with God by my side, always reliant on my faith and His goodwill in my life. In closing I would like to say to any Christian or believer: “Trust God and have faith in Him because He answers prayers.”
Joe Kgomo

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