From kingdom of darkness to Kingdom of God…

I greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the great King of Kings, the Lion of Judah. The mighty Warrior, great in battle and in my salvation.
It is such an honour to be writing my testimony while last year my life was miserable.
My name is Amanda Jack and I’m the daughter of the most High Living God, who is my Redeemer, who is my Salvation, who is my Comforter , who is my Deliverer , who is my Pillar , my Shield, my Rock , my Fortress, my Stronghold , my Dwelling place, who lifted me up and reached out with His mighty hand. He took me out of the kingdom of darkness where I was serving the devil for years. I was even initiating new people to enter into the kingdom of darkness. I was in bondage for years without realizing that I was blind but now I can tell the difference as my eyesight has even improved.
After high school I initiated into the kingdom of darkness where I grew into the world and became a trainer and had so many powers and alters of the gods I served.
Because of that, I believe, I was very ill for years. I suffered from fibroids, asthma , high blood pressure, migraines , stomach ulcers , fatigue, obesity, skin rashes , nausea ,heart palpitations , hormone imbalance, depression , anxiety and panic attacks, back aches ,insomnia. I suffered from a lot of infections and I was in the pit of hell. I was taking medication and anti-depressants, including self-made concoctions, to no avail.
My life was miserable. My boyfriend of the time and I used to fight a lot, we would argue and we would split up ,we didn’t know why we were having so many problems. I used concoctions and herbs to do a lot of things, including bathing in it for healing purposes. I was unemployed in spite of being well qualified, having studied 5 different courses. I used to battle with anger management too because I used to hurt a lot. At the time I normally drank and smoked until I ended up also doing drugs.
I kept up this life style until I started going to church. During July last year I had a dream in which I saw 5 sentences, the 2nd line had the word FAITH written in bold print. I woke up, went to church for weeks on end. The 2nd of August 2015 marks the day when I finally reacted to the altar call in church, crying, something I never dreamt would happen to me.
I saw Jesus, wearing white, His face hidden from me. His words were “YOU HAVE SEEN ME BUT TOMORROW YOU’LL BE UNCERTAIN”… and He was gone. I kept quiet and looked around but He was gone. Immediately I questioned myself. Indeed the following day I was uncertain and then it hit me that indeed I saw Jesus and he warned me about doubting my experience the next day.
When I suffered from fatigue and obesity I was lazy too which meant that I did not take care of my bedroom, myself and the room which I used to consult spirits in. After I saw Him all that fatigue, obesity and the laziness went away. My family at home noticed this but could not figure out what was happening. Neither could I. I didn’t take it to heart until, after a few days a voice, which was different and deeper, spoke to me again, saying I should fetch my Bible in the house and go the consulting room and listen, I opened Deuteronomy 7:23 when He spoke to me.
He called me by name and said: ”Amanda, Amanda what are you doing?” I kept quiet and looked but He did not appear and started speaking again, saying: ‘’what is this altar in front of you?” I looked up at the altar I used to speak to spirits and He said: “I have been talking to you but you don’t listen, why are you serving foreign gods?” I was shocked because I didn’t know why I went astray. I grew up not believing in them but worshipping HIM (GOD). I was acknowledging the spirits of the dead and worshipping carved and molded images yet in Leviticus 19:4 It is written: “Do not turn to idols, nor make for yourself molded gods; I am the Lord your God” and in John 3:3 it is written: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God”. He then said to me: “I am giving you a choice and a chance between a curse and a blessing”. According to Deuteronomy 25:28 God said: “if you follow Me I will give you eternal life , I will drive out all the nations in you because now they are too many and you have been crying for health , love , prosperity and I have been watching you because I have stored all these for you , I was waiting for you”. I, without a doubt, said I am following Him and He said to me: “ you will burn all these herbs, concoctions , images, altars and break them down” and I said: “No they will kill me I’m scared”. I realized that I do not need to fear anyone more that the Creator. He then said He is with me. Since I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if indeed this was real, God sent me to a prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15). I went to a store, to a man who I grew up with who is a born again believer. I just said to him: “Mpho, I need you” and he said: “Amanda, I’ve been looking for you” and we went home.
We prayed and the Lord delivered me, I burnt every altar every carved image and every concoction, everything that connected me with those spirits. The Lord instructed me to cut my hair and I did. I got baptized and the Lord directed me to the house where I am still working today.
I am now engaged to the very same man I loved for so many years. After burning everything he came to me and decided to pay lobola for me. I went to check for any fibroids or cysts and I am clear, I have lost weight and everything I suffered from is now gone because of the touch of Jesus, I am free from illnesses that I suffered from, I am now working and I feel free, God has broken every chain and lifted me up..
God is alive, Jesus is alive! I saw Him and He said that this will be an opportunity to tell the world about Him (Luke 21:1).
Amanda Jack

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