God at the Steering Wheel of my 4×4

Our family lives in a beautiful town called Rustenburg. It is in the North West Province of South Africa. Although Rustenburg is best known as the platinum capital of the world it also host some awesome fauna and flora on farms and nature reserves. If you are like me who loves the God given gift of creation, then you will understand why I drive a 4×4 vehicle – it simply open doors to explore God’s creation. I loved my Nissan 4×4 Hardbody, it has taken us to so many beautiful places. It is powerful, reliable and a real workhorse.
But, here is the thing, God has even used my 4×4 Nissan to prove to me that He is more powerful and reliable than any 4×4. This happened on two separate occasions.
The first time happened like this. I took my vehicle in to be serviced on a Friday morning. We had a family get together planned for that weekend at a resort approximately 100km from Rustenburg. After fetching the vehicle from the dealership that Friday afternoon I loaded my family (wife and 2 daughters) and left for the resort. About 80km into the trip I heard a funny noise in the front of the vehicle. I stopped to investigate but could not find the fault. We carried on and reached the destination. We enjoyed the weekend with the family. Coming back on Sunday afternoon the road was very busy with traffic in both ways. The noise became worse the further I drove. I recall asking God to protect us and to get us home safely. About 10km from home the steering wheel developed a serious shake and it felt as if the vehicle was swerving across the road. As I turned off the main road, now only 4km from home I stopped at an intersection. The moment I drove off the left front wheel came off completely. The wheel ran down the road as the vehicle ploughed into the tar. Can you imagine what could have happened if this wheel had to have come off, at speed, in the busy traffic. This is only God’s grace that kept the wheel on the hub for 196km. It was later established that the wheel was never properly tightened during the service on the Friday.
The second time we were driving through the Pilanesburg Game Reserve near Sun City. We were looking for the “big five” when I heard a noise in the front of the vehicle. Although one is not allowed to get out of your vehicle inside the park due to the dangerous animals, I looked for a “safe” spot and quickly got out to investigate the sound that I was hearing. This time I checked the wheel nuts and they were all still tight. I could not see a problem. With the previous incident still in my mind I again prayed to the Lord for his protection. It being a Sunday and no service stations open, we decided to trust the Lord for his protection over the next 60km. At some point in time during the journey the noise stopped and that led to me accelerating to get home before dark. Eventually we were back in town. As I attempted to turn into my yard the vehicle would not turn at all. I had to stop in the street. As I checked the front wheels again I noticed that the left wheel turned but the right wheel kept straight. When I looked under the engine I saw two rods hanging loose – yes these were the steering rods that came loose on the right front wheel. Again it was only by the grace of God that we completed that 60km trip with a damaged and, towards the end, a snapped steering rod.
On two occasions God steered my Nissan home safely when it was mechanically broken. In both cases he delivered us home safely and then only allowed the vehicle to collapse. How can we still doubt his power, his grace and mostly his love for his children?
“Heavenly Father thank you for being at the steering wheel of my life – please take me home safely Lord. Amen.”
Charles Kendall

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