God’s Provision in my Shopping Cart…

Needing to get a few things for the house, we stopped at a nearby Supermarket. I should just mention that money was tight since I went on pension a few months ago and with my husband, Gert, already having been on pension for some years.

Passing by the pet food in an aisle, a lady rounded the corner and walked by our shopping cart. She retracted her steps, telling Gert to put his money away. Surprised Gert looked down into our cart just to notice some money lying in the cart?! Gert said that it wasn’t our money but the lady kept insisting that he put it away, tuning away to walk off.

When we went looking for that lady she was nowhere to be found as we searched throughout the whole shop. We were left astounded with only the money, that we had no clue where it came from, as proof that this ever happened. She was adamant in her instruction to Gert, telling him to take his money and to put it away.

We firmly believe that she was an angel, a Godsend, giving us necessary relief for financial pressures we were experiencing.

Sue Huyser



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