God’s sense of humour.

Having finished school in 1980 I went to University the following year. This brought about new challenges underpinned by freedom, independence, responsibility and accountability. I don’t have to tell you much about the life of a student – you probably would understand when I say it is only by the grace of God that I survived. Although I was part of the party animals I often found myself being the one who was sober enough to drive the others home; not because I couldn’t drink with the boys but rather because God instilled sense in me even during the worst parties and that allowed me to control my consumption and to “pace” myself.

I recall a time when my roommate and I “kuier-ed” (partied) seriously on “soetwyn” (wine) on the Saturday afternoon, to the extent that we both passed out, woke up early Sunday morning with a serious “babelas” (hang-over) but still decided to attend church. Although I didn’t feel too well whilst sitting in the pews the worst was still to come. The next moment the “dominie” (pastor) announced that it was Holy Communion and guess what – we were served “soetwyn” (wine). When I smelled the wine I felt sick all over again.  I think Jesus had a good chuckle about that one! For me that was the end of my “relationship” with wine. He has very interesting ways of addressing our shortfalls. Now I laugh with you Lord!!! Thank you for your wisdom and sense of humour.


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