God’s Voice, my Personal GPS…

At the age of 83, I am proud to say that I still enjoy my independence, travelling from Rustenburg to visit my children in Silver Lakes, east of Pretoria.

On one such an occasion, I was travelling from Rustenburg to Pretoria, on my usual route, the N4 highway, when suddenly traffic was stopped completely. This blockage on the only road familiar to me, was caused by an accident on the highway.

Traffic was rerouted and I had to go off the known route at the off ramp towards Dr Swanepoel Road, Montana. I did not know these roads at all. I started praying that God would guide me. Clearly hearing His voice, I drove through many stops, crossings & traffic lights on roads unknown to me. All along I listen to God’s voice telling me to just go straight, even when the road was curving. I did not really know where I was. Although it was scary, I trusted God and listened to His voice. At some stage I was on my own on a main road not known to me but I just kept going.

Suddenly I saw a sign to turn into Soloman Mathlangu Road, which I knew would take me towards Silverlakes, although it was still a long way to go.

This may seem insignificant to others, but to me it was a small miracle that God guided me that day and that I did not get lost but found my way.

As I am relocating to Queenswood, Pretoria, tomorrow a new adventure with new routes to get to know awaits me. Again I will trust God to lead and guide me through this new season of my life as well as on the new roads that I will be travelling on.

Marian Bothma


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