God’s Word for us, then and now…

A few years back Charles and I attended a Worship evening hosted by a congregation in our hometown. Us being present was the first miracle as I received a random invitation on Whatsapp, from someone I did not know that well at the time, on a group that I then only recently joined. The evening was hosted by another church, not our own, it was held a distance outside of town and on an evening in the middle of the week. Upon receiving the invitation I immediately felt that we should go but as the day approached I started doubting, thinking of all kinds of excuses why not to go. When we arrived it was very quiet but we went in. Inside there was two circles of chairs packed out with the three musicians set up in the middle thereof. The worship leader explained that this was not your ordinary praise & worship, sing along kind of evening. They were going to lead in slow, deep & meaningful worship songs, no lyrics would be provided and everyone can join is as led by the Spirit or just focus of God. We were free to worship in whatever way we felt comfortable.
As the night progressed the worship leader started to prophesy over numerous people as he received Word from God. Suddenly he raised his hand in our direction and I could see that he thought that the prophesy was meant for the guy sitting to the left, in front of us. However as he was talking, I knew it was meant for us. At the time I was struggling with the calling that Charles received from God. It felt as if it was meant for him and where would that leave me?? We were considering a lot of changes in our immediate future and were uncertain of the ministry that God had in mind for us. The worship leader started with the words: “Daughter, you are a team, you are in this together.” (Answer to my first issue!) I then knew that the calling was meant for both of us, together. He continued to state that we will be travelling a lot, gathering many stamps in our passports. (We have been praying that God would combine our ministry with travelling because those were the two desires of our hearts – we Love the Lord and want to be in His service and we love to travel). Moving house was also mentioned, something that we were considering to do as part of down scaling when going into fulltime ministry. Unfortunately I cannot remember all the details as I did not write it down but all I know was that everything being said in that prophesy applied to us.
Driving home that night, both of us were dead quiet. After a while one of us uttered: “You know that he was talking to us?” That night God confirmed a lot of our prayers.
During our recent tour through South Africa it happened again that we ended up in Misgund, an unknown little town in the Eastern Cape, which we never intended to visit. The plan was to go to Willowmore from Addo but someone in church mentioned that she has a sister living in Misgund and asked if we didn’t want to consider a visit. Looking at the map to, first of all, find this little place, we realised that it would mean taking a different route from Addo but because appointments in Willowmore did not pan out, we decided to make the slight detour to Misgund. What a blessing!
On the last night in Misgund our hosts, Ferdis & Gail, invited their Bible study group and a few other friends over. In walked Desire and Abraham le Roux and she started by saying that when she prayed before coming over, she received Word from God for us.
Desire had a little handmade purse, made out of a beautiful and colourful dish towel. She also made a green woollen leaf which was attached to the zipper of the purse. Inside she placed twenty two rand, as God instructed her. The Word from God was:
“This message is all about being a servant, like Yeshua who took on the garb of a servant. It is about His provision for you, about the joy in His heart about what you are doing. It is a purse, His purse, that there will always be provision, which He will give you, provision that you may do. It’s all about joy, He puts the provision in and will tell you when it must go out. It is His bag, of joy and provision. Yesterday I made a leaf and this is about Psalm 1, about being a man, or a woman, who will not walk in the way of the ungodly or stand in the way of sins or sit in the seat of the scoffers, His law and His Word is what delights your heart. It’s about being a tree that will grow and its leafs will never wilt. It is for the healing of the nations. We don’t know, when we are obedient, what Father will do and how far He will touch. So it’s for the provision and the hearts, it’s for the healing of the nations, the leaves are for the healing of the nations. The trees are in Psalm 1, in Jeremiah, in Revelation. I put inside R22, God just said put in R22 because it is about Isaiah 22 where He said I give you the key of David and what you open will remain open and what you shut will remain shut.”
We try to be obedient to God’s calling, we trust His provision for us and we know that the healing of the nations is all about accepting Salvation through Christ, our wish for everyone we encounter.
We take this Word delivered by God’s servant, Desire.


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