Indeed He hears our prayers

In 2002 my brother and his wife died in a tragic incident. I got the phone call around midnight. At the time they were living in Margate, approximately 800km from us. Our father lives with us and I had the daunting task to inform him of his son’s passing. I recall waking him up and telling him the sad news. He immediately walked out and stood outside his room on the lawn and burst out in an unstoppable cry. There was no way for me to calm him down but to pray for the Lord to intervene. I recall looking up at the sky and quietly asking God to let his peace overcome my Dad. After I had prayed my Dad instantaneously stopped crying and got control over his emotions. The look on his face was one of peace and tranquility. Again I realized that God hears our prayers and that His timing is perfect.

 Charles Kendall


If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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