Obedience, God’s Timing is Perfect…

During a Sunday service I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit – “Where is sister Kotze?” (a colleague of mine). Thinking that she will be seated in her usual spot, I turned but she was absent. The Spirit prompted me to go and see if she was ok, once the church service was over. I was thinking that God knew I invited another friend, Yvonne, to lunch and that she was very slow. She always insisted to help and washing up after lunch would take a lot of time. I prayed that God would rush Yvonne along to enable us to check up on sister Kotze as He wanted us to do. When I told my husband he was sceptical but we insisted that Yvonne and her husband joined us for lunch immediately after church.

Getting home everything was already prepared and quickly readied for lunch, not wasting time on any fancy extras. Everyone wasn’t even done eating when Yvonne announced that somehow she was in a rush and felt that they had to leave immediately. She still apologized for not helping to wash up!

As they left we got in the car and rushed off to check up on sister Kotze, who lived about 5 km out of town. Getting there everything seemed quiet. We knocked on the door several times but to no avail. We even turned to leave but because of all the earlier occurrences I knew that there must be a reason why we came. We went back and knocked some more. After a while sister Kotze opened the door with red eyes from crying. I said God told us to come and see if she as ok. She broke down crying, pleading for Grace and forgiveness, admitting that, as we arrived, she was contemplating suicide, putting down the poison as we started hammering on the door!

God’s timing was perfect! He made it possible for us to be on time to save her life on that fateful day.



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