Outreach after Covid 19 Lockdown

The confinement of lockdown caught me and the handing out of Bibles was delayed. We were anxious to get away again and to tackle the work we would like to do. The moment it was permissible, we started driving around on weekends to hand out Bibles. Initially we drove from Rustenburg further west in North West Province – Groot Marico, Skuinsdrif, Pachsdrif and all the way to Derdepoort. Dwaalboom and Mabieskraal. The following weekend we embarked on the road to Zeerust and Mafekeng, turned back to the Molopo eye and returned to Rustenburg via Lichtenburg and Koster. Around Rustenburg we took every unknown road to make sure we covered the whole area.

After that we decided to tackle the northwestern side of the Limpopo Province. At Stokpoort we slept over and drove along the Limpopo River to Matlabas and Thabazimbi. Next we focused on the part of the Limpopo River, downstream towards the Zimbabwe border. We had Setwana and English Bibles available at home to hand out. The following weekend we drove from Stokpoort in the direction of Martinsdrif and Pontdrif, from Lephalale, along the Palala River to the Limpopo River. On that Saturday morning we drove down a good dirt road, between farms, and came across a group of workers, neatly dressed, on their way to a nearby shop. We learnt that they were Zimbabweans who perform much-needed labour on the surrounding farms. We thanked them for their hard work, greeted kindly and drove on. Holy Spirit spoke to me and reminded me that these people came across the border to find work, bringing along very few possessions, least of all a Bible. While driving a plan to bring Bibles to these people started taking shape.

A little further on I noticed a farmer, in his fields near the road. I stopped to talk to him. My request to him was to bring Bibles to his workers, at no cost to him. I took his contact details and resolved to contact him as soon as possible. At the Lodge of old friends in that area, where we spent the night, we left Bibles and arranged for them to be given to that farmer by the owner of the Lodge who knew him well and undertook to get the Bibles for his workers to him.

That evening we met a couple from Zimbabwe, who were responsible for the Lodge’s kitchen. They had to return to Kariba, their hometown in Zimbabwe, the next day to renew their passports and work permits. We prayed together for grace and good will, gave each of them an English Bible and pronounced Blessings on their planned journey.

Upon our return to Rustenburg, we shared this experience with our friends, Charles & Stephne. They indicated that next time they would like to be part of such an outreach. Soon after, the plans were made. We again booked at the same Lodge for the intended visit. The owner of the Lodge suggested that we discussed and arranged the details of the outreach with the pastor in Baltimore, a small town in their area.

On the Friday night of the outreach weekend, when we arrived at the Lodge in the Tolwe area, we met the two Zimbabweans again. They shared a wonderful testimony of good fortune and favour from God with us. They were convinced that the prayers, mentioned earlier, had been heard and that this was the reason why they had their passports and work permits within a few days and could return to their workplace at the Lodge so soon.

On Saturday morning we stopped at the entrance of the small town, Baltimore, under a lovely big old tree, to dedicate the area and its people to the Father and pray for Blessing. We were supposed to first stop at a home for abused children to hand out Bibles, gifts and sweets to the approximately 100 children. Unfortunately the hostel was closed due to the pandemic and so we left the Bibles and gifts with someone involved in the project to hand out early in the New Year.

We stayed at the manse of the local AGS church in Baltimore and were received very hospitably by Pastor Evan. He compiled a whole program of visits for us.

On Saturday afternoon we met the workers of a few farms in the area in a massive barn / packing shed on a large potato farm. In addition to the extensive vegetable farming, which also included tomatoes and onions, the farmer also has a fondness for game and boasts a beautiful herd, i.e. buffalo and sable antelope. The approximately 130 workers enthusiastically moved closer and took their seats on packing crates. The back of a large truck served as the stage to enable everyone to hear and see. After an enjoyable time of praise and worship, the Word was shared  in English, during which everyone was encouraged to study the Word and take it to heart. The distribution of the Bibles, one to each person, was a great highlight that culminated in loud cheers and rejoicing to the glory of the Lord. The little kids who were with their parents really enjoyed the sweets and toys handed out to them.

After this meeting, the team from Rustenburg went with the farmer and his family to pray for an elderly man who lives on the farm. We prayed for the healing of his knees, with which he experienced many problems and a lot of pain.

On Sunday we were greeted with a wonderful shower of rain, as if a Blessing had been poured out over the outreach. During the church service at the Baltimore AGS church, testimonies were shared and everyone from the area was once again invited to take as many Bibles as they needed for their workers. Several languages ​​were available, i.e. Afrikaans, English, Setswana, Sepedi, IsiZulu and even some Shona Bibles. After the church service we were surprised with a delicious lamb on the spit braai, arranged by the congregation.

On Sunday afternoon we left for Alldays, about 170km from Baltimore, along a bad dirt road via Swartwater, Tolwe and Magalalwena, which we also had to cover in the rain! In a large tent we were received by Pastor Mary and her husband. This congregation needed a little encouragement and thoroughly appreciated our visit. Together everyone was rejoicing, praising and worshipping, the Word was shared and testimonies were told. After that we again handed each person a Bible, along with wooden crosses and gifts and sweets for the children. Afterwards they again spoiled us with delicious food and good company.

This miraculous outreach was the result of a detour on an unfamiliar dirt road that led to an encounter with a group of people who walked down the road, as well as the obedience to the Holy Spirit that spoke into our hearts to return to  this environment and to leave the Word in their midst.


Kobie & Regina Klerck

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