Time to Move Again…

We were flicking through job ads, knowing it’s time to move on, our season Pietermaritzburg was over, but we had no idea where to next. So I gallantly, out of the blue, said to my husband “what about Addo?”….From a city to …well, we knew nothing of this little hamlet in the Eastern Cape….
Needless to say my husband fell in love with the area when we first came to explore but there were a few hurdles to cross. We had to sell our house in Pietermaritzburg to buy in the Eastern Cape, our daughter desperately needed a transfer to the area, which already was declined.
With many words of wisdom pronounced over us by fellow believers and their constant support and prayers, standing in faith, we put our house on the market and packed a trailer with a bed, tools and a couch. We were to move into a one bedroom flat. I only had a week to settle in before I had to return to KZN to finish the term and hopefully pack up our house.
On the way, driving to Addo, we received a call from our estate agent to say our house in PMB was sold…wow….only 2 weeks on the market, we were blessed.
Now to find a house for the family. But where? And all this was to be organised in one week. We prayed and God gave us the following sign to show us where to buy. He is so faithful and, while standing in front of the house in Uitenhage that we since bought, my daughter phoned us to say that her second application to transfer has been granted and to Uitenhage. Immediately we knew that we had to buy that house in Uitenhage. All fell into place within a week!
After a year in Addo God blessed Ronald and I with a 4 bedroom house from his company… no more one bedroom flat. My family in Uitenhage lives in the house we bought.
Joshua 1:6 says: “Be strong and brave, for you will be a successful leader of my people, and they shall conquer all the land I promised to their ancestors.”
We only needed to be strong and courageous and to obey….. God did everything else!
Marika Witthoft
Addo, Eastern Cape

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