Trusting God, Venturing into the unknown

Martha Siamakuba grew up in Livingstone, Zambia. She currently works in housekeeping at the Ubuntu Lodge (soon to be referred to as Shikwaru on the Zambezi) on the banks of the Zambezi River in Sioma district of Western Zambia. Her wish is to get more involved with Ministry in children’s churches planted by Reaching a Generation.

Martha met Jacques van Bommel from Reaching a Generation in Mookkgophong, South Africa, through Pastor Mary from the seminary where she was doing housekeeping and general management. She was sent by Pastor Mary to Shikwaru, South Africa for training and was approached to help when Shikwaru on the Zambezi was started up.

Although Martha grew up going to church, she was only baptised in 2005 and then accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. Martha understands that God loves her, she is a changed person, knowing right from wrong, doing things in a different way.

During the three months she spent in South Africa being trained in the ways of God she learnt to trust Him. Going to a different country was questioned by people back home, but along with four of her friends she believed it was the right thing to do, trusting Pastor Mary to send them to a safe place where they could study the Word and learn more about God. The five girls spent three months in South Africa thereafter returning to Livingstone. Martha and two others were asked to come to Sioma to assist with hosting a group from the USA. They worked at the Lodge and the Mission House for a month and then went home again, waiting to hear if anyone may be asked to come back for permanent employment. Martha strongly feels that it was God’s will that she was soon after contacted by Annie and asked to come back to Shikwaru on the Zambezi (Ubuntu, as it is also known) as a full time employee.

Martha has spent the last three years working at Shikwaru, getting used to the quiet place, far away from family whom she gets to see for a few days every month. She feels called to serve God in this way and believes that He makes it possible for her to be at peace and at home, even if it sometimes is hard to be away from loved ones.

Going forward Martha hopes and believes that God will open doors for Ministry opportunities to enable her to serve Him in that way too.


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