10 Years a Mom…

Most of our very special friends know the long and hard and sad journey my husband, Barry William Wienand and I walked for 5 years prior to our 10 years of parenthood, anxiously wanting to have children: doing 2x inseminations, then IVF no1, then IVF no2, finally pregnant with IVF no3, just to lose the baby at 3weeks, IVF no4 …. Everyone around me having babies, 1, 2 or more and my greatest longing was to hold my own baby … we were at one of the lowest points in our lives, considering to divorce …We split.
A friend at church, Charmaine Davis, invite me to the Alpha course at Church and I convinced Barry to do it with me … on course we meet and allow the most special people into our lives. During that time Charmaine Davis do a cleansing ceremony with me at her home which I will never forget. At Alpha someone asked us “have you ever PRAYED for children?” We smile, our answer being “we have prayed for children about a 1000times!” The person replied again “have you and Barry ever prayed TOGETHER for children??” We shiver and smile in embarrassment “no”
I mean, prayer is a personal thing and you do that in your own private time … right??
We felt strong enough again and attempted IVF no5. That morning before we left for Pretoria I hesitantly suggest “shall we pray TOGETHER this time for God to PLEASE bless us with a successful cycle?” We took hands and shyly said a special prayer together, probably the most powerful prayer in our whole lives so far… like it should be done: HUSBAND and WIFE TOGETHER like God intended it to be.
With every previous cycle, when we got to Dr Johan Pentz I had major cists and needed to start using contraception first to remove cists and growths and then we could start with fertilization … THAT time Dr Pentz did an internal examination and remarked in astonishment “Vivian, you won’t believe … but you are CLEAN, no growths or anything!!” Wow!! We could immediately start with fertilization!!!” … ??? … It struck us both: the PRAYER TOGETHER that morning!!
Dr P phoned about 2weeks after egg implantation: “Barry, Vivian, are you sitting? We have a POSITIVE! You have a high count too!!!”
It struck us like a massive blow again: Alpha and joint prayers that God will bless us in abundance and if it was His will to have twins!! because we have waited sooooo long and the cost implications of 7 treatments were astronomical. We were longing to not only have one baby but indeed 2!! But could this FAIRYTALE be as simple and perfect as our hearts desired?
On the morning of the 1st heartbeat witness scan: Dr Pentz to Barry: “you see the one heartbeat here? Congratulations, you are a dad!!” “Thank you doctor” Barry replies, but just to make sure: “Dr, so it is only ONE baby??” Ouma Anette Van der Poel De Wet sits in reception and the doctor said we should go call Ouma to come see!! Barry and mama comes in and Dr Pentz blessed us with THE MOST SPECIAL MIRACLE NEWS OF OUR LIVES!!! “You see on this side, Ouma, is one heartbeat!!! (By this time Ouma was already in tears). She knew the long and hard road we walked COPLETELY … “and here … on the other side … we have …HEARTBEAT NO 2!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are pregnant with TWINS!!” Barry runs to other side of examination table and lifts Dr P into the air in his arms.
BEST news ever!!! Fairy-tale of our lifetime!!
Don’t ever lose hope, don’t give up whatever your wish is … PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY and pray in Unisom too.. I am witness!! GOD LISTENS … GOD IS GOOD … if it is within His will, HE WILL give you your hearts’ desire …
Psalm 37:4-5
Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will do it.…
10 years later, I still cannot THANK HIM ENOUGH, I am a sinner, but I am important and so loved by Him that he kept our boys safe every single day for the last 10 years. We are astonished beyond words at His constant Grace!!
Vivian Wienand

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