Are we Labelling others?

As we all know the alienation of different cultures and nationalities is a big reality in South-Africa.  The division between different groups is something that I really struggle with.  The blatant hatred for one another is poisonous.  It’s something that everybody ingests everyday, little by little.  Without even knowing we ourselves are becoming the snakes of society, always looking at the negative and seeing optimists as naïve and blind.  But this, according to me is our biggest problem and our biggest blind spot.
In the last few weeks the Lord has been showing me that I can find Him anywhere.  Through tests (the academic kind), friendships, worrying about the future, you name it.  He has given me a way to see Him.  And that is my point exactly!
As Christians it is our duty to be the naïve optimists, to lead through example, and even though everybody’s first question will be why did God allow this, my answer will be to show that we as a nation can turn every tribulation into something good, that we as Christians are the stronger people and that we will not stand on the side line!  I’m quoting my reverend here in saying that South-Africans are too hung up on the labels, accompanying our own descriptions.
Instead, pay attention to what matters: proclaiming the Lords name.  1 Peter 3 verse 8-10 “Finally, be united, all of you, in thought and feeling;  be full of brotherly affection, kindly and humble.  Do not repay wrong with wrong, or abuse with abuse; on the contrary, respond with blessing, for a blessing is what God intends you to receive.”
As scripture says: “If anyone wants to love life and see good days he must restrain his tongue from evil and his lips from deceit. ”

Matthew Hatton-Jones

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