God’s Unexpected Healing

In 2013, I attented a course about the supernatural power of Jesus.  Througout the journey, I grew closer to God and without me even knowing I needed His healing, God saved and healed me and changed my life.

I had a specific close encounter with God during this journey that I would like to share.  During this close encounter, God revealed to me that I still had an unresolved issue with something that happened to me as a little girl and in order to deal with the issue, I had to go discuss it with my parents.

Planning to discuss it with them one weekend, about to approach them, I chickened out and told God that I can deal with it on my own.  Much to my suprise, while sitting with my parents at the dinner table, the words just suddenly started flowing out of my mouth without being able to control or stop it even though I wanted to.

So the issue was this…when I was a little girl, I was molested by my cousin.  The memories of it were vague, but every now and then I would remember it.  I never discussed this with anyone as I thought that it wasn’t molestation and just young, silly kids exploring innocently.

That night when I spoke to my parents, my mom confirmed that it was molestation.  The moment she said it, a sense of complete freedom came over me.  I realized later that what happened to me wasn’t what was bothering me all those years, it was the ‘not knowing’ if it was or wasn’t molestation.

After a long discussion with my parents, I had another close encounter with Jesus.  He took me to ‘my life mountain’ to a horrible tree with lots of thorns growing from it.  There at that ‘tree’, Jesus and I lit the tree on fire, burning it to ashes. Then the Lord said: “This will never have an impact on your life again. You are completely healed and set free from it.”

With time I completely forgave my cousin and I can testify with all honesty that since that night, it has never bothered me again.  All Glory to my loving and powerful God!!!

If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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