Dealing with Loss

I lost both my parents a few years ago, within 6 months of each other.
“Nothing is going to happen today that God and I can’t handle together.”

My Dad died in December 2012 while we were away on holiday. Going away we knew that he was very ill and had already spent a long time in the ICU of a hospital. At that time he could not talk anymore and was very weak but awake. We visited as often as possible and, looking back, I think we said our goodbyes before we went on holiday. The news that he passed away was still a shock and hard to deal with. God consoled us and helped us to deal with the loss.

The fact that we knew that he had a close, personal relationship with Jesus for the last years of his life and we were sure of his eternal Salvation made it possible to be at peace with his death.

The more difficult loss to deal with was the sudden passing of my mother a mere six months later. This was unexpected as she was in full remission after surviving breast cancer a few years before.

The immediate peace that I had was because I knew that she was saved, healed and at peace with God in heaven. To this day I find peace in the picture of her and my Dad, together and healed, with Jesus.

Another factor that adds to my peace of mind is that we had close and loving relationships when my parents passed away. Family means more than we can ever imagine and is part of God’s design for our lives. The meaningful relationships that I had with both my parents until the end makes the loss bearable.

As I said: together we can handle anything that comes my way!

Stephne Kendall

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