Encountering God of Healing

My name is Kamogelo Letsatsi. I gave my life to Christ on the 5th of September 2002, while I was doing form 5. I used to love this song (Jeso wa kanaka) meaning Jesus is good, even before I was converted to Christianity. On that day after school as I was sleeping, I heard this song in a deep sleep. Immediately my sister woke me and told me to listen to the song that I liked because I used to sing it all the time. That night I rushed to a crusade that was held and I had a wonderful encounter with Jesus.
Before I was born again, I suffered from abdominal pain for about two years. I was very sick and I used to sit outside the house during the night crying for help and there was none. I went for medical help but it got worse. I had a bad and smelling virginal discharge, some itching sores although at that time I was not sexually active.
After a year and after an encounter with Jesus I was completely made whole. During those times I used to have some dreams of me being healed and I understood that it was from God, confirming my healing.
Today I am healthy and I have a healthy baby boy aged 5 years. This is child is born out of marriage. Even if this is the case, praise God, He forgave me and sustained me.
Kamogelo Letsatsi, Mochudi, Botswana

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