God of Miracles gives Physical Healing

Indeed He is a miracle working God.
When my son was three years of age, he had a frustrating situation. He would sometimes take a week, even two or three, weeks without passing stools, and he will cry and run around the house trying to pass them out but nothing good happened. Then I would pray and pray but nothing would happen. Praise God that sometimes while still praying he will run to the toilet and something came out but painfully. The stool will be so hard. It was stressing me a lot but I was trusting God for a miracle. He ate normally and I was wondering what was happening. I took him to the clinic but the nurse told me that something like that never happened to children of that age and told me to go back and see if there wouldn’t be a change. If not I should take him back to them.
I just had no choice but to trust God for a change, it happened for a full year and about 7 months before my Father did something and he was healed. Suddenly he could pass the stools and he said he made it with a smiling face.
I thank God that since January this year my son is doing well, he is completely healed. It was a challenging situation indeed but God sustained me during that hard time. Glory to the Most High God!!!!!!!!
Kamogelo Letsatsi, Mochudi, Botswana.

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