Engaged & Giving God the Glory!

My fiancé and I got engaged on Sunday, 1 February 2015. Now, if you knew the whole background story to this engagement and the ring, you would know that we had quite the struggle to finally get to this day! This is why I decided to research the meaning of 1 February, as I knew that God decided on this date long before Reon, my fiancé did.

This is what I found:

  • Worldwide February is known as the month of love. This just makes the whole engagement even more romantic. 
  • The number “1” in Biblical terms: “Whenever someone was alone in the wilderness, whether it was Moses, or Elijah, or Jesus, they were not alone, but were, in fact, never closer to God than at that moment. Jesus was abandoned in the end and was left all alone, but He said to his Disciples that He was not alone, but the Father was with Him.” The number one was interpreted as being alone, and Jesus changed that by saying that we will never be alone. Our engagement changes that for us too. We will never be alone but together for the rest of our lives. 
  • In 1884, the First Volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published on 1 February. The Oxford English Dictionary contains the meaning of almost every English word known to man.  Our engagement carries as much meaning for us. Getting engaged means that we love each other, that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, that we respect each other, that we trust each other, etc. I do not think the full meaning of our engagement will be clear to us for some time still.   
  • In 1964 the Beatles had their first No.1 Hit in the United States. It was called “I want to hold your hand”. My mother was born in 1964. My mother held my hand through every situation in my life. My mother held my hand when things were difficult. She held my hand when I cried. She held my hand when we laughed. She held my hand when we celebrated. When I got engaged, that responsibility became my fiancés responsibility. From Sunday the 1st of February, he will be the one to hold my hand through difficult times, in sad times, in fun times and in happy times. 
  • The Hebrew Meaning of “Sunday” is “The First Day”. Our engagement was the first day of the rest of our lives together.


I know that God chose this date for us and I praise Him for it!

Aimee Kendall

If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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