Divine Intervention from God

After class one day, my friends and I got into the car to drive home from campus. As we started pulling out of the parking spot, a bee suddenly appeared on my friend’s arm. She is really very scared of bees so she started screaming and wiped the bee off her arm and into my other friend’s lap. It was chaos and we had to pull over in the parking lot to get the bee out of the car, but when we stopped, the bee suddenly disappeared, so we got back into the car and continued driving.

About two robots down from the parking lot, we saw a big commotion, but it was only after we stopped at the red light of the robot that we realized it was a huge fight. The police pulled up right next to us just as we stopped and the fight broke up and people started running away. We are still not sure exactly what happened, but we know it was a violent, big fight of about 20 people in the middle of the street.

We got away safely, thanks to God, and it was only a bit later that we realized that it was God that put the bee in the car, because if we didn’t pull over to get the bee out (that suddenly disappeared after we pulled over), we would have driven straight into the middle of that fight and the police would not have arrived there with us.

Nothing is a coincidence!! Thank you Jesus for that bee!

Andrea Kendall

If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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  1. Kamogelo Letsatsi

    True, and we praise God for that.

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