God can turn Something Worthless into Gold…

I come from a perfect background, I had fantastic, loving parents, and our family was filled with enough love to go around. Our family was at peace, we regularly attended the Lutheran Church, being involved with the choir and orchestra at church. I was living the so-called “perfect life”, blessed with intelligence, growing up well-disciplined by my parents. I lived a life that many would envy me, yet during my final years at high school I still felt a yearning for more. All the perfections of my life was not filling a void that I was constantly aware of. During my final year in high school I rebelled against anything that was establishment, against anything considered to be virtuous and Godly. This affected my academics and I finished high school barely making university exemption. That was a big shock to my family, my siblings being a professor, a doctor and another with a Master’s degree. My “scraping through” with only exemption was not good enough. In my world it meant that I was a failure. Success was achieved by the accolades of titles and degrees.

Finishing school I did my National Service in the Airforce where I faired quite well, staying on for another year of short service when I earned money to make it possible to pay for my own studies. I did this to be independent, my own man, making my own choices. I finished at university with a non-descript degree in Economics that didn’t mean much at the time. I still felt like a failure.

God blessed me with a wonderful wife. At that time I was still what one would call, a “traditional” Christian, not yet reborn. Thankfully, shortly thereafter I was born again, developing a close, personal relationship with Jesus. I realised then that God wanted to use me in a strange way. Many incidents in my life, including our house burning down and an armed farm attack, served as testimonies to God’s hand in my life.

Coming back to what God did for me. Finishing my studies, having a degree in Economics, God revealed a whole new field of interest to me – micro-biology. I knew nothing about this but God revealed how it could be used in farming. I started studying, God enabling me to memorise everything, showing me the way. At the time my relationship with my father was not great. I rented a part of the farm and started to farm on my own. I had no money to buy fertiliser or chemicals, I relied on the knowledge and insight from God. Through miraculous revelation from Him, God taught me how to farm Nature’s way, using God’s system. Soon farmers started asking me for advice, I ended up doing presentations all over and establishing a consultation business. In the end I was invited to lecture at the University of Stellenbosch, training and teaching others in micro-biology, after not even finishing the subject in high school. God was telling and showing me that He can completely restore, He can turn something worthless into gold.

Over time this God-given talent, insight or gift was developed and I have been given many opportunities with multi-national companies, to provide them with fresh ideas and insight, to such an extent that people would often ask what I studied, what degree I have. I can only, always give God the honour for being afforded exposure in many African Countries.

Unfortunately, along with this comes the high life, a lifestyle of involvement in the community, governing bodies and committees, adding a lot of pressure and stress to life. Social and time pressures add up and I found that my piece of gold, my blessing was becoming a millstone around my neck, stealing time from God. Although I was doing all the right things, tithing and all the rest, I started feeling that God needs to provide more business to cover all of the added responsibilities.

Over the last few years things started to happen – my son had an accident, writing off one of our vehicles, break-ins at home, etc. God was saying that it was time to pull on the hand break, from now on He will be the one showing the way. We as Christians often get used to living the fast life. On Sundays we listen to God’s message but it remains there in our heads, not dropping down into our hearts, not changing our lives.

Over the last few months I have made some changes, from my budget to my time. A quarter of my time, five days a month, I avail to listen to God. God has been faithful, restoring some basic principles back into my life. Principals like uncompromising love of God for us, we do not need to do or pray certain things to make that happen. Jesus did everything we need on the cross. The work was completed.

The last six months I have been drawing closer to Jesus. God had to provide time for me to focus on Him, getting my attention. Through all of this I can give God all the glory, praise and thanks. I have a renewed compassion for all the people, walking around in suits, looking as if they live perfect lives but feeling empty inside, yearning for more, the biggest obstacle being pride. One needs to get rid of pride in a family with unconditional love, God’s family. Who are we to judge anyone else?

God can take your life, your future and turn it into something amazing.

Randolf Meyer.


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