God’s Perfect Plan for my Life

Years ago I had a vision of God’s Hand hovering over a puzzle, slowly putting the pieces together, fashioning the plan He had for my life. It dawned on me that every single encounter, direction and exposure was part of His perfect plan for my life.

I studied in Johannesburg, met the love of my life in the Geography class, became a teacher, and married Charles, moved to Rustenburg and taught Geography and a variety of other subjects in various schools. When we became parents we decided that I would be a stay at home mom to Aimee and Andrea. Motherhood was what I would consider the most important influence in my Spiritual journey, drawing me very close to God.

During those years I thought that I was done teaching, studied Christian counselling and did volunteer work for the Touch Community Network. At Touch we developed a Christian Life Skills Program and with the rollout it became apparent that God did not waist any qualifications or experience. I had many connections and an open door to schools in the Rustenburg area. As it turns out, I was back in the classroom, finding it very comfortable talking about very uncomfortable subject matter to teens, whom other would find difficult to work with. In the mean time I could spend time counselling as well as be very available to the girls as they found their way through school.

At the same time Charles was in management at a mining group in the area which also lead to many useful connections resulting in Basic Life Skills programs developed by Touch and presented to wives of the mine workers as well as very handy sponsorships and support for Touch, from the mine’s side.

It was during one of these joint efforts that the vision came to me.

I saw God’s Hand hovering over a puzzle, taking piece by piece, drawing them into their perfect spots. I realized then that God was telling me that every little thing in my life, was according to His plan for me. Looking back I may have considered certain things that happened random but in the end it fit perfectly into the bigger picture. Taking a broader look, that included not only my family and career choices but also everything that happened to Charles and the girls, even our extended family, friends and Church life. God knew exactly what He had in mind for us and where He was headed with all of us.

Over the last decade I got involved at a College where I ended up doing Computer training. I don’t even like Computers and at times I could not understand how I got myself into this one! God knew what He had in mind – I developed and manage the Testimony Treasures website and He knew what skills I would need to enable me to assist Charles in making God’s vision for our ministry come true.

I must be honest, at times the way God and Charles plan and dream sometimes scares me but I have learnt to just be obedient and to trust God completely, He will make the way! I will forever be grateful that God chose to include me in this amazing journey that we are on.

My motto is “Life is a journey of choices”, with God’s help we can all have an amazing adventure on the way to eternity!

Stephne Kendall

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