Heed the Warning from the Holy Spirit…

Years ago Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) had a lottery similar to the current South African National Lottery. At the time my husband and I were living in a tented camp, Seyferfontein, meant for roadworks staff. Our homes consisted of various tents for living quarters and bedrooms, as well as a corrugated iron building which served as a kitchen. We made it as comfortable as possible. This was close to the town Carletonville. One afternoon, as I was visiting my parents, a friend came by wanting to sell some lottery tickets. My father was dead set against it but I had a sudden strong urge to purchase a ticket. He’d have to bring the ticket and collect the money from me the next day.

I had exactly the right amount of money, in those days 10 Shillings. We were not earning a lot at the time and the fact that it was the month’s grocery money was no bother to me, I was that certain that it would be a winning ticket! As I was falling asleep that night I first heard and then saw someone enter our tent and approaching the foot of our bed. As I reached to wake my husband, I got a good look at him – beautiful black eyes and a dazzling white smile. As he came closer he stretched out an open hand towards me, a few shiny half-crown coins (more valuable than shillings) lying in his hand, offering it to me. As I stretched my hand out to take the coins I clearly heard a voice saying: “If you take it you break the bond between you and Me”. In a fright I pulled my hand back. At that instance the once inviting smile on the beautiful face, turned into an ugly grin and the eyes staring back at me were filled with such hatred that it made me cry out in fear! This woke my husband. We were alone, there was no one else present in our tent.

I realised that I was not supposed to buy the lottery ticket. I was warned…

The next day when the friend came to deliver the ticket he also said he dreamt that it would be a winning ticket. When I explained what happened he did not really understand but I never bought that ticket.

Job 33:15 – “(One may hear God’s voice) in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering on the bed,”

Always heed God’s warnings.



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