I am Convinced, God is in Control, even of my Tomatoes…

Throughout my walk with God, from the age of 15 years old, I learnt many valuable lessons. One such instance occurred when I was still a young, newly wed woman, this finally confirmed to me that God is in control.

We stayed on a farm, in a stable, converted into a neat little house and were given a small piece of land as well as access to a dam with ample water – wonderful! Fochville, South Africa, was known for tomato farming and I was given a few tomato plants by a neighbouring farmer, called Horsey. (Apparently the name stems from his strength, equal to a horse – “strong as a horse”) Soon my tomato patch was a sight to admire, strong plants, growing well with beautiful fruit, nearly ready for the picking!

One Sunday afternoon Horsey and his wife came to visit. First we had to admire my tomato patch. Although Horsey was friendly and helpful, he always had something negative to say about my faith in God, insisting that God does not exist. On that Sunday it was more of the same. He stated that if a hail storm would happen my tomatoes would be as damaged as all of his, and he had a lot of fields full of beautiful tomatoes. He carried on teasing and taunting me, saying that there was no way in which my God could protect my little patch of tomatoes. While he was still mocking and laughing his wife looked out the window and shouted in shock that bad weather was building up outside. Both got up and ran off to go and cover their small tomato plants which were ready to be planted next.

Within half an hour a heavy hail storm started. I stood by the window, facing my tomato patch, praying to God, to prove to Horsey that He is God, fir Him to protect my little patch of tomatoes from this storm. Inside I felt that God will perform a miracle and I was waiting expectantly. The storm passed as fast as it started, going right across my tomato patch. As I went out to check I noticed heaps of hail gathered at the fence around my tomato patch but inside only a few large pieces of hail were visible. My tomato plants, however, were lush, green and perfect, no damage done! I praised God with so much joy inside.

As I looked towards Horsey’s farm, it was covered in thick hail, everything destroyed and they came running. He shouted: “See, I told you! Your tomatoes will be as badly beaten and ruined as mine! I have nothing left!” Looking at the heaps of hail by my fence he approached and saw that my tomatoes were fine, no harm done. He was speechless and furious, turned, called his wife and walked away.

He never spoke about Spiritual affairs again. I was a young, inexperienced believer at the time and did not have the guts to try and lead him to follow Jesus, a wasted opportunity on my side, because of ignorance and inhibitions. I do not know what happened to him, his wife later committed suicide.

Since then I grew in my faith, had a blessed walk with God and witnessed many miracles performed by God. In time to come I would like to share some of it with you.

God Bless


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