My Journey of Grace and Healing

One day during August 2004 my right eye became sore and scratchy which resulted in a visit to an Optomitrist who immediately sent me to a specialist. After a few consultations he diagnosed the problem as the herpes simplex (cold sore) virus that found its way into my eye.  There was no explanation for this and the fact that it is incurable was really hard to accept.  I often stated that I would do ANYTHING to make this better or make it go away but the doctors kept on saying that I will just have to live with it and accept it.
This was the first part of my journey where only God’s grace and presence gave me the courage to accept and learn to live with this challenge.   It resulted in the loss of all but 10% of the vision in that eye and the development of a growing white scar in my eye which further hampered my sight.  For 6 years I daily took very expensive anti viral medicine in the hope of controlling the virus and containing the scar tissue that was growing gradually.
I thought this was how it will be for the rest of my life until the doctor suggested a cornea transplant to get rid of the scar.  This process started in 2009 resulting in the actual transpalant taking place in August 2010.  The day after the op I was admitted to hospital for a week of intensive medication and monitoring of all my organs’ reaction to this harsh treatment.  Not expecting this it was something difficult to cope with.  Again God carried me trhough this time and my family supported me with encouragement and visits.
The mediaction that I had to use for 20 months after the transplant, to prevent rejection of the cornea, had some very nasty side effects which often made me doubt the descision to do the transplant.  It took close on two years after the transplant to eventually have all the stitches removed and still my vision was blurry and out of focus.  During this time people would often ask if my eye was fine and it was difficult to answer, knowing that the process was far from over and that a long road was still ahead before I could see clearly again.  God tought me a lot of trust, faith and patience that I could only aquire by going through this.
The next step was to have lasik (laser) treatment done under local anesthetics which again was not a pleasant experience and that I only managed to cope with by praying throughout.  Again the vision could not be fully restored and more procedures would have to follow.  Before, during and after every procedure I needed to be back on the anti viral medication to prevent the virus from flairing up again, reminding me of the incurablility.
Late in 2013 it was discovered that because of all the medication a cataract developed in the eye and a lens replacement was done in March 2014. By this time I could only trust that God was in control and that when I feel like giving up, He will carry me.  My only hope was that He knew what will still happen in the future and therefor all was well.
At last, on 19 February 2015, I had a final lens inplant which enables me to see clearly and in focus! Although there are still stitches in the eye which will be removed over the next few months, I could wait no longer to give God the glory for all He has done for me.
I honour God for carrying me throughout, for giving me my family who supported me all the time and also for providing the means to afford this expensive journey. God covered all the bases – spiritually, emotionally, physically, relational and financial. This is what He is able to do for each one of us, as long as we trust Him.
Stephne Kendall

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