Warning Signs!

As a young man I lived a wild and sinful life. Soon I received the first warning from God in the form of a few close calls. The first was when I slipped and fell on a dirt road with my motorbike, escaping with only minor scrapes and bruises. The second warning came when I bumped into a car with my bike, I was ok but there was a lot of damage to the bike.

Six months later someone skipped a stop sign and I was hit from the side, crushing my right shoulder and leg. I was taken to Joubert Park Hospital where the doctor considered to amputate my leg above the knee. The nursing sister in theatre insisted that he tried to save the leg, which he managed to do. Afterwards she told him that it was a message from God that it would be possible to save the leg and that was why she insisted that he tried. The leg is now slightly shorter than my left leg.

While in hospital I met a pastor who visited and prayed with me regularly. This was when my life started to take a turn for the better.

Every time that I put on my special, built up shoe on my right foot, I remember the past and how it still affects me, I will never forget it. It constantly reminds me of God’s purpose with everything in our lives.

Dear friends, know that God is waiting with open arms to accept you and to shower you with His grace, love and blessings. Make an effort and take time to spend with Him, listen to Him calling out to you, I took too long! Surround yourself with fellow believers who will enrich your lives.

I Plan to share some more of my life story with you at a later time as God is not a “one-stop-shop” for healing.

Persevere and follow Him.


If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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