My Psalm of Thanksgiving

As part of a Disciple Course (Under the Tree of Life) that I am currently busy doing, we were asked to write our own Psalm as we are busy studying the book of Psalms. When I wrote my psalm I felt the need to share it with you in the hope that I can inspire some of you to follow suit.

This is my Psalm of thanksgiving…

Praise the Lord, oh my soul,
Praise His Holy Name.
Forget not all His benefits…
He who forgave the sins of my youth,
Who still forgives my daily weakness.
He who healed my ears, my eye, my knees,
Who still heals my body’s daily aches and pains.
He who redeems me from the deepest, darkest despair,
He who knows my heart and inmost being so well,
Who showers me with compassion, love and understanding.
Praise God for every new day,
for new challenges, joys and sorrows.
He knows my every move, mood and feeling.
I will praise God for ever and ever!!

My challenge to you all: Create your own Psalm and post it on the Share page of

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