Never too late for Salvation

For the best part of my school career I attended boarding school. It was compulsory to attend Sunday school every Sunday as well as to attend both the morning and evening church services. In other words I was raised in the Christian tradition. By the end of 1959 I proclaimed my faith and was confirmed in church. Unfortunately that did not really mean anything to me other than that I got to sleep late on a Sunday morning because I did not have to attend Sunday school anymore.
After my marriage I became more involved in church activities and served on the church council as well as the financial committee. At the time the congregation was busy building a new sanctuary and I was bestowed the honour of being one of the signatories of a document that was eventually placed behind the cornerstone of the building. I thought that would count for something when I arrive in heaven one day!
Our family attended church every Sunday, most of the time twice a day. Again I thought this should count for something.
During 1988 a good friend recruited me as a member of the Gideons. One of the requirements for membership is to confess that you have accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ, as your personal Saviour. Today I am convinced that I actually lied on the application form but it was most probably because I thought that I was saved.
In January 1989 our congregation arranged an evangelical campaign. At first I refused to attend but was eventually convinced by my wife to join in. At some point in time during that campaign I realised that my name behind the cornerstone of the church building meant nothing – my name needed to be written in the Book of Life, neither did I have a personal relationship with Christ. On the Saturday afternoon I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour. By then I was 46 years old!
I was so privilege to attend a Discipleship cause shortly after my salvation and then only realised how important it is to tell others of the wonderful salvation Jesus brings to everyone who believes!
The Lord had a lot of patience with me; indeed, I was saved by His grace.
It is never too late!
Nic Alberts

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