The Miracle of Childbirth, God’s way

* Ludwig:-
On 29 April 2009, I gave birth to Ludwig via a C-section. He didn’t breath and his Apgar score was 4/10! They couldn’t take him out of the incubator as his breathing then dropped rapidly. The hospital that we were at didn’t at that time have a pediatric ICU and Ludwig had to be transferred to the nearest hospital that had an ICU, which was about 30km from me.
Due to the C-section I wasn’t allowed to go see or hold Ludwig for fear of infection from my side. As he was leaving for the other hospital the ambulance personnel just pushed him into view by my door that I could see him from my bed. This was very traumatic for me, as I gave birth but couldn’t hold or touch my baby.
Hannes(my husband) had to pendle between Ludwig and I. Thankfully the Lord gave him the strength and courage during this time. After two days, when his breathing was normal, Ludwig was released from hospital and Hannes returned to my hospital with our baby boy and we left the hospital on the same day.
We are so thankful to our Abba Father as He gave life to Ludwig and He has a purpose for this boy. Never underestimate prayer as many fellow believers interceded with us.
All the glory to God!
Theresa Rabie
Mochudi, Botswana

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  1. Kamogelo Letsatsi

    Wow! God is amazing indeed.

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