Trusting God is So worth it!

When I was still a young girl, before I was saved and was still living a wild life, I went to a dance with friends in my home town, Nababeeb. That night, as many before, we drank a lot and danced the night away. I noticed that there was one girl who kept on giving me drinks until I was really badly under the influence. All along she was talking to some guys and they later suggested that we leave the club. As we left and went out into the night someone attacked me from behind, strangling me. I was thrown to the ground. “God, help me!” was my cry as none of my so-called friends were anywhere to be seen. I managed to break the hold on my neck and ran off towards the light of the club door. In my drunken state I found a hiding place under a table until I saw my boyfriend entering. I went to him and he took me home.
The next day, as per usual, all my friends pitched at my house, expecting to drink and be merry as we always used to do. However, that day, I refused to go along with their plans. When they asked me about that, I explained that the night before, when I was in trouble, none of them were there to save me, only God came to my rescue and helped me to escape from a situation that easily could have turned for the worst. This is the reason why I decided on that day that I will follow God for the rest of my days and up until today serve Him joy. He is always there for me, whatever I need!
Another example of His faithfulness is when our car was stolen at the Belville Mall last year. It happened one day when my husband and I just quickly went in to the bank and came out to discover that our car was missing. We reported the incident to the police and gave them all the information that they needed. They did not have much hope that we will ever get our vehicle back. Only one week later I had a vision from God, showing me our car. On that same day my husband phoned to say that the police let him know that the car was found. Although the “mags” and a lot of other valuables from inside the vehicle was taken, we got it back with three wheels in place and in good working order, we are still using it today. Most vehicles found after a theft cannot ever be used again.
These are just two of many reasons why it is totally worth it to follow Jesus and to put my trust in God all the time and for every part of my life!

If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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