The purity of the Worship in our Firepan

I woke up during the night, reminded of how difficult times are for Churches and how they are struggling, impoverished by the tuff times, and I started to pray. In a clear voice God spoke to me saying that His people are approaching Him with their firepans filled with all the wrong ideas, offerings and rituals. (In Biblical times a censer or firepan was part of the Tabernacles’ accessories for the menorah and the altar, a pan or a pot used for carrying live coals for burning incense, which was held by a straight or slightly curved long handle). In 2 Chronicles 23 it describes how Israel had to be cleansed of all the wrong religious practices and how they would go forward living for only God, the one true God. I asked what God wanted to tell me through these images? The answer came that we need to cleanse our worship of all the wrong which was added on, that the fire of our worship must be holy and pure. We have diluted and polluted our worship with so many wrong ideas of how to please God but we can only please Him with pure and holy focus on Him. God wants our total commitment and dependence in these difficult days. Nothing more, nothing less.

Be blessed

Helena Potscher

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