Trusting God

“CYCLING FOR JESUS” is what our shirts said as we set off on our 30+year old tandem for the 94.7 cycling race on Sunday, 16 November. Within the first kilometer a spoke on our back wheel broke. With a wobbly wheel and hard peddling needed we continued.

As we cycled on and I was looking at the words on the back of Charles’ shirt I realized that now we were indeed cycling in faith, not trusting the failing technology of our bike but on God to keep us safe and going. All along I prayed for protection and that God may indeed use us on that day to witness and be disciples for Him. This was only possible if we stayed in the race. There were quite a few remarks from participants and spectators about the shirts and it felt good to make a statement for our faith.

At 38km into the race, after a long, steep hill, two more spokes broke and we had to stop, thinking that this was the end of our race. Disappointed we walked all the way down that hill to a water point to wait for a pick-up vehicle. Getting there, we saw a stall with mechanics from a cycling shop who fixed our back wheel.

Full of renewed energy, we started peddling up the hill again. On the way to the finish we had more remarks and I knew that God had a plan for us to finish the race, to be witnesses for Him, all the way through the race. Wearing our “Cycling for Jesus” shirts meant that we had the responsibility to carefully consider our own behavior towards others but it also gave many people the opportunity to call out His name and by doing that to praise and create a spiritual victory!

It was a tough day but it felt good to be able to make the statement that we trust God for every part of our lives, even the challenging, fun parts!

If and when this Testimony has spoken into your heart, please go to the Commitment page.

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